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He Dreamt Of Chickens

He dreamt of chickens

Every night

Woke every morning

Filled with fright

KFC brought him

Much delight

Batter them all

Batter them all

chicken grit copyswm


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Controlled Time – A Procrastination Poem

I don’t want to waste time

It’s precious, supposedly

But I sit here, blank, mind retracting from decisions

Don’t move

Why would you say that

In a crowd of people

All shouting louder. LOUDER


I don’t want to waste time

But it’s all so big

And I didn’t make the bed this morning

Like other functioning adults

Can you help me

It’s all so dry and concrete

And there are bottles all over the floor


I don’t want to waste time

Stop making it easy

It’s so beautifully numbing

And I’m in control

I’m in control


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Paint It – A Poem

I paint to keep thoughts in

I paint to get words out

I write these vicious words

I write elaborate doubts

I photograph sharply

I photograph the cracks

I look to the future

Looks like there’s no turning back


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If You Could – A Morbid Poem

If you were handed your own skull

Would you look inside?

Eyes open wide

And Bloodied


If you could feel your brain

Would you put your finger in

And throw in the bin

Your mistakes?


If you could squeeze out your heart

Would you stop that pain

That made you insane

For her sneer?


If you could reach your toes

Would you pull your sock

And cut them off

To stop running


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Skin – A Love Poem…

I breathed in your skin

And gathered your warmth

Broke all your bones

So you wouldn’t walk

Then made a fire

Out of your hair

Sewed shut your eyes

So you wouldn’t stare

Danced in a circle

Poured your blood like wine

You won’t leave me now

Not this time.

IMG_7982 copy


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Haiku 2

Raisin turns to grape

Stuck in a backwards time shift

Dekcuf yllaer m’I sseug



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Wallowing in the guilt of wasting time

I think of it as a slow lazating crime

But then I kinda realise I’m doing just fine

Not bothering a soul

Here, in my hole

Hardening like coal

Achieving nothing


What’s your sin?


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