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Paint It – A Poem

I paint to keep thoughts in

I paint to get words out

I write these vicious words

I write elaborate doubts

I photograph sharply

I photograph the cracks

I look to the future

Looks like there’s no turning back


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My Lady – A Poem

Fart my lady fart

Let wind force your gusset high

Fart my lady fart

Let the turret breeze warm your thighs

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If You Could – A Morbid Poem

If you were handed your own skull

Would you look inside?

Eyes open wide

And Bloodied


If you could feel your brain

Would you put your finger in

And throw in the bin

Your mistakes?


If you could squeeze out your heart

Would you stop that pain

That made you insane

For her sneer?


If you could reach your toes

Would you pull your sock

And cut them off

To stop running


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Couldn’t to must
Wouldn’t to can
You shouldn’t do that
Yes I am

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Everything’s so fluid

You need to be a Jesus to float

Week in week


Hold on to ropes and



Back into the dust

And get carried away by the tide.


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You’re the best punchline

The best I’ve ever had

And the jokes on me

And the smoke in your lungs

So I’ll still breathe it in

The biggest punchline

I’ve ever been.

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It’s like mud

And piranhas chewing on insides

It’s the thud

And the boxing glove to your hide

It’s the flood

And the losing off your mind

And then the blood

Pumping to keep you alive


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