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I’ve been writing

I’ve been writing, a lot, about 40,000 and counting. It’s almost like a babble of old stories and boasted past lives. So, anyway, here’s a piece of it. I’ll stick some more up from time to time. Would be great to hear any opinions, stories, remarks… 

…There was a fish in my parents pond. In fact there were quite a few fish, but there was one that was really flashy. If it was a bird you would say it has nice plumage. Golden amber scales, big lips and a fat belly. Though the fish kept on getting bigger. Dad said it was pregnant, and none of us know how long fish were pregnant for so we let nature take its course. Then one day its left eye popped out and was hanging by its mouth. The next day it wasn’t there, we just figured another fish had sucked on the eye and swallowed. After another week or so the fish was more floating sideways than swimming through the water and I decided it was stuck on weeds so I got a stick from the side of the pond and pushed it. It exploded. The scales split from end to end and this mass of white wormy string fell out and started twisting and turning. It slowly sank powerless to the bottom of the pond and we never saw the worm again. I guess something ended up eating it, or it rotted. A few weeks later there was documentary on Africa for Red Nose Day and I saw the same kind of worm thing coming out of a child’s leg, being wound around a twig gently so not to split it. I wondered if people exploded from the worm if they got poked with a stick. I guess I was only 9 at the time so it was quite a rational question…


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