16 Jan

I’m feeling stale my darling, stale. And I just don’t know what to do about it. The earth is crumbling, countries at war and yet I’m bored. Just bored.


I can’t tell you what to do


But you can, I’m happy to follow, be guided, be blind. Anything to just stop this feeling.


How do you feel?




That will be the coffee, you know it makes you itchy


But it’s more than that. Can’t I just sleep forever? Everything seems such a chore. I’m not sure who to blame




It can’t be me, it’s not my fault


Yes it is


Well how can you say that, you see how everyone else gets the breaks. God, if only there was someone to guide me, GOD, ARE YOU THERE? See, nothing. I’ve been forgotten


The only thing you’ve forgotten is rationality, you can’t expect things to be given to you, handed on a golden platter with fat free pizza, dancing reindeers and a fucking gallon of hangover free beer.




It’s your life, your responsibility and you put yourself where you are now. Sooner you work that out the sooner you might get off your ass and deal with your own life.


… but…
Stay where you are then, it won’t get better, you’ll just get bitter. Enjoy your sedation.



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