Cat Shit

07 Jun

I threw up from the smell of cat shit today. It’s always there, permeating the walls and climbing up the stairs. The stench that is. If the shit did that I would be packed and hitching a lift to Oklahoma by now. No, there was something about it today that made me retch. 

I hate cats. I would like to see them thrown over a fence. But my housemate, she loves the little hairballs. The shitting, fur ridden hairballs. So I end up with a fine coating of fluff and a bad attitude

But today, my god, I start it with my head down the drain and cold shivers and sweat up my spine. The little bastards. They just keep on looking while I scurry to my room and slam the door. 

This time it’s personal. 


(I don’t really hate cats this much, purely fiction, we have two, and most of the time they are awesome. But their shit did stink this morning)

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