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Beautiful bile

Witty retorts

And radiant responses

From your mouth

As always

Yawn it out

Screw a new hinge in your jaw

And keep yap yap yap

Yap yap yap yap

Pull all your teeth out

And frown


(side note, my real persona has an art exhibition to prepare for in May so it is all guns blazing in the real world, hence being quiet on here. Yap yap yap.) 



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I wish I could, but

I can’t

I wish you wern’t broken

I’d darn

And I wish I didn’t spin you

A yarn

Sweet honey blossom

Sweet honey blossom





There’s a certain serenity to being alone. Items packed in boxes again, ready to make the jump. An old series on the TV, one you have seen a million times but still makes you warm inside. Half a cup of coffee on the floor beside the slightly lumpy chair you have grown to get used to. Will you miss it all? Really? There is an urge to take the knocker off the door, to duct tape the windows and cut the cord to the mobile. Savour this moment of almost freedom, almost the good sort of nerves and just being on your tod. Will you remember the smell in x amount of years, will you be drinking the same coffee, will it even be able to be GM free by then? It’s been a good time, here, in my head. I wonder when I will truly land.



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