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It can take so much strength, getting things right, removing easy distractions, and doing things for yourself, not others. It can take a long time to find balance and find yourself, and a steep climb to be the person you want to be. So many things are there to hold you down, tell you how it should be done and wipe away your heart.

Should is a nasty word

React on your could’s

Better to look back on a life of occasional ‘D’oh’s’ then to miss it all

And it goes so quick

Even when you’re only half way through (touch wood)

Just don’t expect a flat-line pulse if you follow your own road

Who wants to lie down and let it all tread over you

That’s too easy. Don’t be easy.


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Ginger needs to stop winging, get a gun, and shoot her way outta dodge.

Buy a few ferrets, chickens and dogs and live on a farm

Or build a spaceship and go discover Qunangolia, the planet of marbles

Cause she lost all hers and it’s 4am

And the cats are climbing up the walls

And the alarm looks poised to explode as soon as the pillow’s filled

There is no way back from this, there are only two coffee granules in the house

It could be a plink-plink-fizz day ahead

Let’s hope it’s golden and smells of mown grass and bread

And a full armor of paint and sand.



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And she wondered if it was worth it

The three hundred and fifty miles

The train, ordering the ticket

Changing minds and refunding it

Going on a whim and bunking to the main station

Then standing on platform 4 for three hours

Not brave enough to get on

Finding the balls

Then biting nails to the end of the line

The bus to nowhere

Walking up the hill, always steeper then before

Tap tap tapping

And having it slammed full in the face

Then the inevitable long road home

Music fluttering from the dying walkman

And a setting sun behind

Back home

If this is it

And the seagulls laugh again




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People Know Best

They think they know best, other people.

‘But he is lovely, he treats you well, he is a great catch’

And I shouldn’t drink beer, but alcholpops are ok, with their sugar tooth rot and stomach lined bile

‘So why don’t you apply for this job, it is great money’

And have I ever tried this brand, this colour, this cupcake.

I have quite often found that the guinea pig talks more sense then everyone put together.

And pubs should serve more peppermint tea.

And roses are so cliché, but it’s for you.



I feel you



Stranger to all

I hear you



Breaking through walls

And I watch you



Catching your falls

And nothing makes me forget

Nothing at all




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Irons should be used for weddings, funerals and christenings (though maybe not in that order)

‘Seriously though, daughter, that skirt is a cotton car crash’

And I say I am a free spirit, a timeless hobo, a flying bird

Then look in a mirror.

She is right, they usually are, mums.

The skirt is going straight back to the charity shop. Irons? Pffft.

Bring back nylon.




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If that’s the way you want to think about yourself, that’s the way everyone else will accept you.

You’re better then that.

I hope you think more.

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