Photographic Memories

09 Feb

Being a photographer by heart I often end up looking at old photos more then the average clicker. I am always striving to save that image I took in 1993 of the goats, or the one in 2009 with the clouds over the sea. Sometimes it takes years to master a way of getting it right.

And of course with old photos come old memories, old flames, old friends… And it quite often takes years to master them too.

Some schools of thought feel it better to forget the past, to tear it up and throw it away. It smothers the brain in goo and wont let you grow. Other schools think you should grasp these times with both hands and never let go, or you will never learn from your mistakes.

I hated school, but does it make me wrong that I spend time going back to improve on the past?

Sometimes I draw horns on their heads. And willies.

And they’ll never know.


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