07 Feb

It all started as a bit of an adrenalin rush. The coffee was good, and free. She put the shakes and twitches down as tiredness. It started growing inside her and she never knew, until…

Well, that was 10 years ago, we should have all seen it coming, now there are only a few thousand of us left. We snuffle the ground like pigs after truffles and try to disappear into the undergrowth when the wind blows their scent in our direction. We are faster, but sometimes we mess up. Some just have enough and walk towards the light. We understand.

The water is good now, after a boiling and some herbs it is tolerable. Tremors occur but we have it under control. They are winning though, whatever started this, whoever wanted this to happen, well, they have the flag ready. We wait and adjust to our new ways. Nature is glorious, now we see it without windows in the way.


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