15 Oct

Legs wrapped up in headphone wires, funny, they are usually too busy knotting themselves together. The same tune singing over and over on the MP3 player. I stare at it, amazed that when I need it the battery is dead, but when no one is listening it carries on, like a Duracell bunny.

It used to be so easier with AA, AAA batteries at the newsagents. I mean, they always cost a small fortune but when the walkman died you could resuscitate it down any alleyway. Now it is all cables, attach it to this, attach it to that, It’ll run out in the middle of a long train ride anyway.

Eyes blurry, I wonder why this song meant so much last night? Headphones on, ‘plug me in’, battery stops. Bastard. Back to the covers for a few more hours, songs can wait. And I wonder all through my dreams.


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