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Crawling out the story

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They were owned by the government, but could only go so far. Radio controlled, they could only march to the edge of the signal, and they were big, bigger then anything they had controlled before.

But no one knew, we all thought it was an experiment gone wrong, DNA from amber, mixed with wolves and twice as blood-thirsty. We ran, we hid, numbers getting cut down every hour of every day. It was a bloodbath and the innocent were losing.

They tried every other way of keeping the population down, with no success. The dumb were outstripping the wise and disease was rife amongst them. This was an all out war and they were killing many they wanted to survive.

They couldn’t let the cat out the bag, they feigned surprise as much as we did, these ‘monsters’ could not be contained, no one knew about the signal, til the young started complaining of headaches before they were ambushed and torn apart.

We chalked lines, tormented the beasts to see if they could cross it. We often got it wrong and lost lives. Until late on Tuesday we managed it. We covered our tracks with bushes and made our half triumphant walk back to the hide outs.

We studied, searched for wires, controls and weak spots. We couldn’t stop the signal, we had to take them down, one by one. Flesh against flesh.

They got weaker near our lines, this was the time to strike, We tried guns, so much ammo. It dented and caused screams of the like we had never heard before, but they survived.

They cut off our TV stations, the water supply, food. What had we done? The culling didn’t end, though the remaining few started to understand. They had us cornered, and the chalk line was getting closer and closer. Defeat filled the air with death and blood.

Many laid down, too confused to carry on. Why were the government not helping? The people we put in charge, healthy in their fortress, whispers said that there were no threats around them, that they were free to walk and drink and breathe without the taint of decaying bodies around them.

We harnessed radios to ourselves, just ordinary FM ones, the ones they tried to shut down years ago for something better. Then we knew. We marched on, batteries failing, the brave getting picked off one by one. We never faltered, we had no time to bury the dead.

They saw us coming, those in charge. So bloody minded they did not think to guard themselves from any form of attack, their power and signals could not save them now. We marched, climbed the walls, ripped down fences and tore those who stood in our way just as we had been torn.

We threw them out of the walls, closed the doors behind and wished them well. They caused the cull, did they know how to save their own skin?

We heard screams

We saw blood

Then, nothing

Can’t stop the signal.


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The ceiling is ripped, we pull it down a little and make stairs out of the melting wood. Now standing on the bedroom floor of a house I used to know, there is a man walking his dog, and then it snows.

We jump out the window and play in the white chill, then look at the sun to warm our souls. There is a tear in the sky, we pull and a waterfall emerges and washes away the snow and the houses. We laugh and hold on to the corner of the world, holding hands. Do we just jump or hang on forever. Silently we communicate ‘one, two, THREE’ and I lose my grip. I fall, I awake, and find he is not there, with me.

I look to the ceiling, the window, the sky and I close my eyes tighter then ever before. Where is my yellow brick road? Where are my red shoes? I don’t want to be home now, I want to be there, with him, holding onto the corner of the world.


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She swirls and dances and falls to the floor

Beauty you had never envisioned before

Drunken, stammering you offer a hand

She follows your eyes and takes a stand

Swaying together to the sound of the hall

Is it music, lust, or nothing at all

And so you stagger, trip, land on the chair

Pulling her down, resting her there

Soft as feathers, fragile as ice

Every breath tasting life

Fall in slumber and straight to dream

Angels and mists, petals and streams

One eye rises and she has gone

You run out to the garden and fall to the lawn

The dew on the grass, did she melt away?

Run, twisting, faltered, strayed

And you feel the cold

Feel so old

And wish none of this happened at all.


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I’m a follower, a sheep, a wretch

A gutless moron, not capable of stepping outside the danger zone

Too scared to walk straight or do it wrong

Always apologising like a buffoon for things I did not

or did

Or whatever

Crashing memories, patterns, fighting for attention

No space in the back, standing room only

This will keep me up

All night, bolts of fear, frustration

Freaked of being the fool, laughed at or alienated.

Pathetic, nothing makes me better then anyone else

Born, breed, die

Not sure I will even manage that

Couldn’t fight out of a paper bag

It’s too big, too clever and I feel too small

Mouse in a fox hole



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It’s time to work again

Call the press

Thoughts too strong

No time to obsess

Had gotten cold

Straight to the chest


You wandered to the west

please come home to stay




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Let’s call the whole thing off.

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