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Socially acceptable

Dying, breathing, farting. Everyone does them but only one is really socially acceptable. It’s often not the one you think it is.


Well trodden dream

Caffeine shaking my bones, click, click, click, need a steady hand for that. Aim true, shoot straight, between the eyes, no suffering. Then I open, she is still in front of me, spouting venom for words and talking babble. Apologies owed but not coming forth. How could they fit through such thin read lips? Wonder if she kisses her mother. More sense out of a snake, must be the black sheep of that family…

…And I sharpen the blade against the concrete wall, snikt, snikt, snikt, through the heart, breaking stone, crumbling flesh, repeat and repeat til there is nothing more, just ash and soot. I stomp on remains…

… And she stops her spout and I walk away



Air con two degrees lower then natural

Stranger’s pubes on the toilet bowl

Forced laughter at inane managers jokes

(Louder for raise)

Smalltalk in the kitchen

Raised carpet tile

Windows to see that outside is alive

Where you should be

Caged animal


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I got so tired

And just couldn’t help it

Mess on the floor

Too old for this life anymore

Not scared


And those who stay

Will still love me when I’m away


I feel it



Running to the trees

The sun is beaming

Weaker now

Clock seconds






I like stealing things
I like stealing things from companies that have
Wolves for smiles
Teeth for managers
And wrecks of staff

Four notebooks
Three pens
And two cheese sandwiches

Tomorrow I am going for a printer.

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