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Try To Think Of Nothing, But Think Of Me



All the thoughts chasing the dreams in her head
Vanished by morning
Crawling back when the light sinks into darkness.
Raindrops falling



‘But I’m trying so hard’

‘So is everyone else’

‘Seems they all get the breaks and I just get broken’

‘There there’

‘Is that what life is all about?’

‘Life is what you make it’

‘I just don’t understand the point’

‘Point one way and walk’

‘I don’t want to do it alone’

‘You’ve got me’

‘I wish you were real’




See You Next Tuesday

‘Happy anniversary babe x’ pierced through on the cracked phone, thrown against the wall just before the text flickered from the unwanted number, almost as if she knew she was to be jolted back into another twinge of guilt and sorrow. She hadn’t even remembered, it was just the start of another dreary weathered month.

She had left him half a year ago, ‘for the best’ she said, ‘for the best’. He had cried as she sat stolid on the end of the bed. They all said she kicked him out, they all said he didn’t deserve it. They can all go to hell in a raging lions stomach.

There was over three years of it, three years she knew and pretended she didn’t lead him on. ‘Stay with someone that loves you more then you love them’ her father had said, ‘it’s for the best’, yes, for the best.

He tried and tried, she cried and cried, everything dried up long before the relationship died, but they still carried on, pretending everything was fine while eating and drinking bad thoughts away. Oh it is nice to be settled and content, all bathed in a bath of lies. The lime-scale built up well.

He was quiet for a while, she had asked him to, but now he was raging around the town, blackening her name again, cavorting with pretty little girls and letting the world whisper it back to her. Bull like in arrogance and yet reminding her of a jealous child who had lost his favourite toy.

It was lucky that the town was about to throw her away, as big as it was there was no room for two. ‘just another month’ she sighed as she switched off her phone and walked from the end of the bed.

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